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JAZZ FOR EVENTS is supported by a musical project that was created in July of 2009 as an expression of commitment with MUSIC, JAZZ, and CREATIVITY: JITTERBUG JAZZ GROUP.

In the last 10 years of working together we have accumulated great experience in performing, entertaining, and collaboration with several types of entities and institutions, in both the public spheres as well as in the private circles: Málaga Music Interactive Museum (MIMMA), the British Consulate in Málaga, the Town Halls and Culture and Tourism Departments of Nerja, Coín, Antequera, Mijas, Torremolinos, and Fuengirola, Nerja Cave Foundation, Málaga Province Delegation, “Villa Salobreña” Auditorium, “Caja Blanca” Auditorium-Málaga, Málaga English Cemetery, Málaga’s Official College of Architects and Assistant Architects, Brands Wine Denominations Foundation in Málaga, National Federation of Nautical Clubs, and many more. In addition, we have had collaborations and performances in Restaurants, Clubs and Hotels, especially in Costa del Sol-Málaga.

Although our REPERTOIRE is mainly focused on Classic Jazz, it includes several styles: Blues/Jazz Blues, Latin/Bossa Nova, Modal/Modern Jazz, Jazz Standards, Ballads,  Classic Film Songs, Pop Songs, and our own compositions, trying to offer a varied and enjoyable musical experience for the public.

In addition, the varied and distinctive INSTRUMENTS that are included in the project (VOICE, PIANO, CLARINET, ELECTRIC BASS, DOUBLE BASS, PERCUSSION, DRUM SET, CHROMATIC HARMONICA) allow Jitterbug Jazz Group to offer an original, different, attractive musical proposal, with a diversity of possibilities in its timbral combinations, with intimate, soft, smooth, delicate textures… and also with stronger, overwhelming and rhythmical sounds, all made possible through the qualified education, experience and quality of the MEMBERS in both their personal artistic career as well as in their collaborations with other musical projects and prestigious Jazz musicians.

Our basic GOAL is to grow in an artistic, creative, technical, human way, enjoying the development of the project and sharing our feelings with the public when we create and perform LIVE MUSIC with real instruments and real people, offering the listener an enjoyable and quality experience, from our own personal enjoyment and from our honesty and respect to the public and the musicians, composers, musical bands and institutions that created in the past and continue expanding this wonderful musical style that we call JAZZ.