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Singer, pianist, teacher, musical arranger and composer from Málaga; one of the young, developed talents in the Málaga Jazz Scene.

She received a classic education at Málaga’s Superior Conservatory of Music (specializing in Piano); she has been attracted to Jazz since a young age, completing her education and studies with courses, classes, seminars…with prestigious national and international professors, and also with the Jazz High Degree courses in Liceu Conservatory, Barcelona, with a specialization in Vocal Jazz.

Her technique, ability, and performing versatility are brought out in both her singing performances as well as in her display of skill with the piano, accompanying her own voice and improvising with “scat” voice technique.

Her REPERTOIRE includes a broad variety of styles  (Latin, Classic Jazz standards, Boleros, Pop, Bossa Nova, Blues, Modern Jazz…) and reflects her ability to immerse herself in different kinds of music that carry musical quality as their most important element.

She leads (Raquel Pelayo Quartet) and collaborates with several musical projects in different formats, from duets, trios, combos… to Big Bands like “La Insostenible” Málaga Big Band or The “New Sound” Big Band.


Double bass player and singer born in Jaén. At the age of 7 she began her musical career at the “Ramón Garay” Conservatory in her hometown. At age 16 she would discover the world of Jazz thanks to the “Jaén Jazzy” Association. There she would become an active Big Band member and would receive master classes from various national professors.

Later she moved to Málaga to continue her development as a musician and specialized in Jazz and modern music. She has completed training courses in double bass and Jazz with musicians like Reuben Rogers, Gerald Canon, Putter Smith, Javier Colina, and Horacio Fumero, among many others. In Málaga she began to study Jazz in the “Maestro Puyana” School of Modern Music (CAMM). She has performed with several musicians from Málaga, among them Carlos Pino, Enrique Oliver, Joaquin Rubio, and Sergio Diaz.

She currently has various projects open in which you can find the Blanca Barranco Quartet, with whom she won the “Olivia Jazz” competition, during which she performs a repertoire arranged by herself where she sings and plays the double bass.


Clarinet / Percussion / Chromatic Harmonica

Classically trained, he carried out his clarinet studies at Málaga’s Superior Conservatory of Music, graduating in this specialty in the year 2000. Interested in Jazz since his childhood (attracted by figures like Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Eddie Daniels…) he took classes in Jazz/Modern Harmony, Improvisation, and Combo in Granada (S.C.A.E.M. Conservatory) from 2003 to 2013, with professors like Kiko Aguado and Agustín Sánchez. He also receives classes from a Cuban saxophonist based in Málaga, Rafael Águila.

In 2009 he started the Jitterbug Jazz Group project with a piano-clarinet duo, the double bass joined the project in 2010 and consolidated as a stable formation the following years. He has received drum lessons from musicians like Emilio Salvatierra and Javier Carmona. In 2013 he began to investigate the chromatic harmonica in a self-taught way, incorporating it into the performances of the project. He has collaborated with other projects and musicians like Celia Mur, Kiko Aguado, and Nicolás Medina.