We offer a professional, quality, personalized service
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In JAZZ PARA EVENTOS we offer a quality, professional, personalised service, adapted to each client/event/establishment’s needs.

Live Jazz Music is an element that brings a touch of elegance and style to different environments and activities. From private parties, receptions, inaugurations / closing ceremonies, celebrations, exhibitions, anniversaries, tributes, and charity events, to performances, collaborations, and concerts.


In both the format (duo, trio, quartet), as well as the repertoire and performance duration, we adapt to the client’s demands, trying to offer the best service while contributing to the client’s satisfaction with quality live music performed by professional musicians.

Our reliability and quality comes from our knowledge, respect and commitment to MUSIC, JAZZ, and the CREATORS of this style, as a self-expressing way for creativity and enjoyment, which is fundamental to us.

The variety of INSTRUMENTS (VOICE, PIANO, CLARINET, ELECTRIC BASS, DOUBLE BASS, PERCUSSION, DRUM SET, CHROMATIC HARMONICA) allow us to offer an original, distinct, enjoyable, fun proposal for the public, with both classic songs and our own Jazz music.

We have a varied and enjoyable (voice/instrumental) REPERTOIRE for the public that includes styles like Classic Jazz/Standards, Bossa Nova, Latin, Classic Film Songs, Boleros, Blues, Modern Jazz…. and also our own musical arrangements and compositions.

     Our minimum rate is 375€ for 2 hours for a Trio with Voice, and 500 € for 2 hours for a Quartet with Voice. We have instruments and musical infrastructure for both indoor and outdoor events.

Depending on matters such as the commute to the performing site, sound infrastructure, available instruments, duration of the service, maintenance/accommodation, the date of the client hiring… it is possible to make an agreement about the price that could be acceptable for both parts. Our usual working areas are Málaga, Costa del Sol, Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla, Cádiz… although we also could offer our musical services in other cities, according to the conditions described in the following sections.